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Your Smile meant the world to us


Little & Wai - Pre Wedding session in Perth, Australia

This couples, Client recently has to be the "client of the year" whom every Photographers have been dreaming for. Why? what more can one ask for when the couples are so well planned ahead, organised and scouted most of their desired shot location, more than a year in advance...and the result, lets the pictures speaks for themselves. Once again, we did something amazing that has been stuck in my mind to shoot for a pre wedding, and lucky, the Lancelin desert didnt let us down but WOWWWW..




The unforgettable Beach wedding, Tiffany & Josh

The most unforgettable beach wedding in 2015 also as my beach wedding shot. Better than that is that coming after with a cozzy family and friends only backyard reception. Two of the first at the same day. What's better than this to end up for Year 2015. 



Couple Connections: Emily & Brett

A lovely weekend with my happy fairy tale like couples wondering around in the King's Park. A lovely way to spend in a weekend afternoon. Wish you two all the best for your studies and fighting for your dreams. 

Joseph Ng
Whitney & Caleb

Recently, I was honoured to attend and capture some pictures of my two closest friends in my second home, Vancouver. I was friends with Whitney and Caleb for years before they even started dating. It was a blessing to be present on their day and to witness their journey. All the best to you both, my favourite Chan's.